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When placed over a crowd or on a stage, the DMX CO2 Jet is a cryogenic effect capable of producing plumes of cryo-fog up to 30 feet long. Take that hot, sweaty crowd down to forty degrees in six seconds while turning up the excitement!

We hold the highest use in the professional market for a number of reasons.

- Built to last, we make our Jets out of the finest 304 Stainless Steel. This means no rusting or peeling paint. Durable construction for all road touring demands. All internal electronics are sealed for protection from moisture.

- The Only fully manufactured and assembled in the USA CO2 JET on the market. You won't find our CO2 Jets on Alibaba or Made in China websites.

- Highest Output LED at 200 watts with fan-cooled power supply on the optional Fire and Ice LED Ring attachment.

- Warranty 3 years (parts & labor).

Salvin's cryo valves are the world's first valve designed exclusively for Liquid CO2 use.

Recognized as safe cryo-effect systems by Fire Departments around the world.

Built-in DMX option. This allows you to use your existing DMX lighting control infrastructure to fire the CO2 Jet, which makes for easier installation and keeps all of your controls in one place.

Two sets of DMX connectors, 5-pin and 3-pin for your convenience.

Dual-mode for those folks that don't have a DMX control system in place...flip the mode switch to "Local" and it works the same as our previous generation, non-DMX CO2 Jets - apply power and it fires.

ANSI rated

Options include:
- Salvin Show Controller with onboard CO2 level detection interface. This includes a remote sensor, auto timer and shutdown device.

- Salvin Fire and Ice LED Ring attachment to reliably light up your cryo-fog.

- Salvin Big Easy Button, An adressable, single-channel, momentary DMX Controller.

DMX CO2 Jet Operation Guide - 1,349 Kb

DMX CO2 Jet Cut Sheet - 2,215 Kb

CO2 System Installation Guide - 93 Kb

CO2 Hose Measurement Worksheet - 15 Kb

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